A revival of manufacturing in Europe? Recent evidence about reshoring

consultancy report
Marin D.;Veugelers R.; Feliu J.
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vol. [XXVI]
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Brugel bluprint series
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Marin D.;Veugelers R.; Feliu J. (2017) A revival of manufacturing in Europe? Recent evidence about reshoring Brugel bluprint series vol. [XXVI]
ISBN: 978 - 9 - 078910 - 44 - 2

The chapter belongs to a Blueprint published by Bruegel, an economic European "think thank". The whole Report analyses the role of manufacturing within European Union  and offers suggestion for policy makers. Chapter 5 specifically addresses the reshoring phenomenon, offering a quantification of ist impact on the economic system. First of all, authors identify reshoring drivers (e.g. increasing wages in the host countries,  introduction of new technologies and digital innovations, need to increase responsiveness to the market). After this, they measure the offshoring and reshoring phenomena on the base of the "Intermediate Import Ratio" (IIR), that is "the share of imported intermediates in total intermediates used by a sector or country" (page 106). Based on such indicator, authors found very few reshoring evidence for  Germany, France, and US. On the contrary,  UK seems to benefit of reshoring from South European countries (Italy and Spain). Finally, authors  argue that reshoring will lead to the creation of very few new jobs; however they will be high skilled ones.

Intermediate Import Ratio