Airfoils Advanced Solutions

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Airfoils Advanced Solutions
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Airfoils Advanced Solutions
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C - Manufacturing
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C33 - Repair and installation of machinery and equipment
C33.1 - Repair of fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment
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January, 2019
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In house (in own facilities)
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Implementation of strategies based on product/process innovation
Subsidies for relocation
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Airfoils Advanced Solutions is jointly owned by Safran Aircraft Engines (51%) and Air France Industries KLM E&M (49%), it is dedicated to the repairing of high-pressure compressor blades of airline engines. This company has announced that the activity currently based in Asia will be relocated to nothern France (Nord) near the main hubs of the two airlines companies Air France (Roissy-Charles-De-Gaulle) and KLM (Amsterdam). According to the Executive Vice President of Air France KLM Engineering & Maintenance, this joint venture reflects the company's development strategy, which is rooted in innovation and the development of new repairing solutions to continuously improve the competitiveness of the engine support services. The new company's plant will be completed in early 2018 and it will deliver its first parts by end of January 2019. By 2022, the site will have a workforce between 200 and 250 employees. The implementation of the new plant is supported by local authorities that participated in up to 10% of the total investment (Haut-de-France region provided a subsidy of € 673,000). This relocation is expected to create 135 permanent jobs within four years.


Safran-aircraft-engines   12 June 2017 

Lavoixdunord   24 October 2017 

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Other Asian countries