Azimut-Benetti Group

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Azimut-Benetti Group
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Azimut-Benetti Group
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C - Manufacturing
Sector detail: 
C30 - Manufacture of other transport equipment
C30.1 - Building of ships and boats
Reshoring details
Reshoring announcement date: 
Starting implementation date: 
November, 2012
Reshored to: 
Reshored business function: 
Reshoring governance mode: 
In house (in own facilities)
Reasons for reshoring: 
"Made in" effect
Business strategy
Case narrative: 

Azimut Benetti is an Italian yacht manufacturing company. This company was founded by Paolo Vitelli and it is the largest private group in the nautical sector in the world. In 2012, Azimut Benetti Group announced that it would firmly defend its Italian roots by moving the production activities of three entry-level yachts sold under the Azimut Yachts trademark from Turkey back to Italy. According to the company’s statement, the reasons behind this movement are “made-in” effect of Italy and group’s strategy of reinforcing its roots in Italy. In 2015, after moving a part of the production elsewhere, Paolo Vitelli moved almost all the factories which producing the most luxurious yachts in the world back to Italy. "We have decided to become more Italian and close to our outlets, so far only a small plant is still in Brazil," he said, "for those who want to buy a luxury and prestige product, the product with 'made in Italy' label will make them satisfied.”


Repubblica  30 March 2015

Trade Only Today   01 November 2012


Offshoring details
Offshoring location: 
Offshored business function: 
Offshoring governance mode: 
In house (in own facilities)
Host country geographical area: 
Other Asian countries