Deutsche Bank

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Deutsche Bank
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Deutsche Bank
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K - Financial and insurance activities
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K64 - Financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding
K64.1 - Monetary intermediation
Reshoring details
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Starting implementation date: 
July, 2017
End of Implementation : 
January, 2018
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Reshored business function: 
Reshored services/activities: 
Partial or Total reshoring: 
Reshoring governance mode: 
In house (in own facilities)
Reasons for reshoring: 
Firm's global reorganization
Case narrative: 

Deutsche Bank is a German bank, based in Frankfurt (Germany). The Group Deutsche Bank is a global investment bank with financial and banking solutions for private, business and institutions and it is one of the world's leading banking groups. The bank announced that it wants to move a large part of its securities trading business from London (UK) to Frankfurt (Germany). It means that the bank will concentrate its business on European corporate clients. This relocation project will be probably implemented in the next 18 months, but the strategy which is still being finalised and could be reviewed if another scenario arises for the UK's exit from the European Union. In principle, Deutsche Bank plans to move all advisors in the securities business serving continental European clients out of London. The majority of these advisers are likely to be moved to Frankfurt, but those who deal with customers from specific countries may be moved to cities in those specific countries. This movement will affect hundreds of employees. This project will also include the shift of 18,000 to 20,000 client accounts. The clearing will be carried out in Frankfurt. Despite London still being an important location, Deutsche bank plans to bundle its reporting systems, risk control, legal experts and compliance banking for the corporate banking business, as well as the billing and management of business, in Frankfurt.


Handelsblatt  05 July 2017

Independent  06 July 2017

Offshoring details
Offshoring location: 
United Kingdom
Offshored business function: 
Offshored services/activities: 
Offshoring governance mode: 
In house (in own facilities)
Offshoring entry mode: 
Wholly owned
Host country geographical area: 
Western Europe