Jacuzzi Europe

Company details
Company name: 
Jacuzzi Europe SPA
Group name: 
Jacuzzi Brands, LLC.
Company country: 
Group home country: 
United States
C - Manufacturing
Sector detail: 
C23 - Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products
C23.4 - Manufacture of other porcelain and ceramic products
Reshoring details
Reshoring announcement date: 
Starting implementation date: 
January, 2017
Reshored to: 
Location of affected unit(s): 
Valvasone Arzene
Location code: 
Reshored business function: 
Reshoring governance mode: 
In house (in own facilities)
Reasons for reshoring: 
Know-how in the country
Logistics costs
Proximity to customers
Case narrative: 

Jacuzzi Europe SPA is the European headquarters of the US Jacuzzi Brands, LLC. and is located in Milan. The most famous company product is the whirlpool tub which was initially manufactured in the US also for European customers. In 2017, the European headquarter sdecided to move the production of whirlpool tubs for the European markets from North America to the Italian plant located in Valvasone Arzene (Pordenone) where the company invested and will continue to invest huge resources in R&D. The main reasons for the relocation of production activities were the proximity to consumers, the high quality of production skills in the Italian plant, and the possibility to reduce logistics costs.      


La Repubblica 01/03/2017

Il fatto quotidiano 01/03/2017

Offshoring details
Offshoring location: 
United States
Offshoring governance mode: 
In house (in own facilities)