Company details
Company name: 
Company country: 
United Kingdom
Number of employees: 
J - Information and communication
Sector detail: 
J61.2 - Wireless telecommunications activities
J61.2.0 - Wireless telecommunications activities
Reshoring details
Reshoring announcement date: 
Starting implementation date: 
March, 2017
End of Implementation : 
December, 2019
Reshored to: 
United Kingdom
Reshored business function: 
Customer services
Estimated job gains: 
Reasons for reshoring: 
Improve customer service
Case narrative: 

Vodafone is a British mobile operator. It operates in many countries around the world. In order to improve customer service, Vodafone announced that it will bring offshored call centers from South Africa back to UK. With a £2bn investment in customer service, 2,100 jobs will be created in the UK. The jobs will be spread across the Midlands, Manchester, Scotland and Wales.Vodafone said in a statement: “As part of its £2bn investment programme over the 2016-19 period, Vodafone is committed to enhancing the quality of its UK customer services operations. A significant expansion in the number of UK-based customer service advisors is integral to that commitment.” Over the next two years, Vodafone will create 800 new jobs in Manchester, around 150 new jobs in Newark and Stoke, as well as around 100 in Glasgow.


Computer Weekly, 13/03/2017

Offshoring details
Offshoring location: 
South Africa
Offshored business function: 
Customer services
Offshored services/activities: 
Host country geographical area: 
Other African countries