Reshoring cases

The reshoring database contains factsheets with data on reshoring events reported in the national media in each EU member state. Active data collection for the reshoring monitor commenced in February 2016 and some earlier reshoring cases (2014-15) have been identified from earlier data collection activities by the research team. The database was updated monthly until the end of 2018 (end of the project).

Within the scope of this initiative, the following cases of reshoring are considered:

  • Companies that reshore to their home country (within the EU) value chain activities previously offshored to another country (e.g. manufacturing by a German firm previously offshored to China or to France and now returning to Germany).

  • Companies that reshore to any EU country value chain activities previously offshored to a non-EU country (e.g. manufacturing by a German firm previously offshored to China and now returning to Italy).


E.g., 01/03/2024
E.g., 01/03/2024
Status Company name Company countrysort descending Announcement date Offshored to Reshored to Sector Job gains
Gtech United Kingdom 05/02/2018 China United Kingdom C27 - Manufacture of electrical equipment 100
Northern Flags Ltd United Kingdom 21/01/2016 Poland United Kingdom C18 - Printing and reproduction of recorded media
Phineas United Kingdom 08/04/2014 China United Kingdom C22 - Manufacture of rubber and plastic products 5
Rapanui Clothing United Kingdom 28/01/2014 India United Kingdom C14 - Manufacture of wearing apparel 12
Barclays Bank United Kingdom 21/04/2016 Cyprus United Kingdom K64 - Financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding
Symington's Ltd United Kingdom 04/04/2014 China United Kingdom C10 - Manufacture of food products 125
Fuda-Hobart Rose United Kingdom 25/03/2015 China United Kingdom C31 - Manufacture of furniture 100
One-Lux United Kingdom 27/03/2015 China United Kingdom C27 - Manufacture of electrical equipment 5
Superstar Components Ltd United Kingdom 22/08/2016 Taiwan United Kingdom C25 - Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
enquiryMAX Ltd United Kingdom 26/07/2017 India United Kingdom J62.0 - Computer programming, consultancy and related activities 10
QTS United Kingdom 04/02/2015 China United Kingdom C24 - Manufacture of basic metals 15
SealSkinz United Kingdom 15/07/2018 Bulgaria United Kingdom C32 - Other manufacturing 15
Vent-Axia United Kingdom 24/01/2014 China United Kingdom C28 - Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c. 35
Paul Smith United Kingdom 05/09/2014 United Kingdom C14 - Manufacture of wearing apparel
McLaren Technology Group United Kingdom 08/02/2017 Austria United Kingdom C29 - Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers 200


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